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Proximity Engagement Made Easy

Noteacons is a complete solution to use location technology like geofences and beacons. You can easily engage your app users on smart watches and mobile devices. There is an SDK for Android and iOS designed to be integrated easily and transparently, so that developers can intercept signals and add specific logic wherever it is needed. Contents are managed with a modern front-end and sent to a powerful and scalable backend built with some of the latest technologies available.

Noteacons is a product of Notico. Notico, an entity of the Deveryware Group, a geolocation specialist since 2003, offers a range of innovative services to assist mobile users in their everyday lives: location of loved ones (friends, family, etc.), targeted public alerts (natural disasters, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks, etc.), personalised shopping tips, local information and geolocalised contacts of private individuals with local professionals. These solutions are fully in line with the development of the smart city.

Concerned to guarantee the respect of private life, Notico guarantees a high level of security when processing and storing personal data. Thanks to Permiloc, a new and innovative patent designed in collaboration with the French data protection authority, users choose who can locate them, where, when and with how much precision. Users can also check who has located them and when.

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