It’s that easy.

There is a learning-curve to any new technology and it could be a simple problem.
Hopefully these tips will help you discover the issue.

1. Make sure your beacon is connected to your beacon dashboard.

  • The UUID and major/minor should match on the beacon and on your dashboard.
  • These can be long numbers and it’s not hard to be one digit or letter off.

2. Your campaign needs to be set up properly in your online dashboard.

  • Your beacon dashboard should have good docs to ensure you get this right.
  • It’s better to test a simple campaign first, with just the beacon assigned to a simple messaging campaign.

3. Your beacon should be emitting.

  • You can usually see this in your manufacturer’s dashboard.
  • Or you can test this out with an app like Locate from Radius network (available on Android and iOS).

4. Your phone should be ready to receive the beacon notification.

  • It should have an app with a beacon SDK installed, with permissions.
  • Bluetooth should be enabled.
  • You should have an internet connection   (preferably 4G over WiFi).
  • ‘Sharing Connection’ should be disabled.
  • Location services should be enabled.

That’s all there is to it. If you would like a more in-depth tutorial, we offer free consultations. Sign up at noteacons.com/free-consultation.