Test our SDK and dashboard

  1. Note that to connect to the Noteacons Proximity Dashboard with the QR code scan, you need an iPhone 5 device or newer model.
  2. Click Connect to Dashboard on the home screen of the app.
  3. Click OK to open a QR scan on your mobile device.
  4. Log into your Noteacons dashboard account on a desktop computer. If you would like an account, please contact us.
  5. Go to the setting section of your dashboard and scan the QR code in the Connect the Demo App section.
  6. If configured correctly, you will be able to view any message or callback campaigns you have configured on your mobile device.

Emit/broadcast a beacon

  1. Click Broadcast on the home screen
  2. Enter the UUID, major and minor you would like to emit.
    • These identifiers are what distinguishes between beacons.
    • UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. It contains 32 hexadecimal digits, split into 5 groups, separated by dashes. One is preconfigured for you.
    • Major and Minor values are numbers assigned to your beacons, in order to identify them with greater accuracy. They have values between 0 and 65535. 0 is preconfigured.
    • Note that if you are testing the Noteacons dashboard, the UUID can be found in the Settings section. Your account will only have one UUID. The major and minor for each beacon you set up can be found in the Beacons section.
  3. Click the button under major and minor to emit.

Locate beacons

  1. Click Locate on the home screen
  2. If the permissions required have been granted, you should be able to see the beacons emitting nearby.
If you need any support or have any app feedback, please email us.